Win Mess 4.7 Vs MSN Mess 6.1

Win Mess 4.7 Vs MSN Mess 6.1

Post by Rijj » Mon, 10 Nov 2003 09:44:22

i have xp pro with all the critical updates. I use win
messenger 4.7 for instant messenging and it is fine.
My wife wanted MSN messenger 6 [one big reason is the
tiny size of the video screen when conferencing].

i installed MSN 6.1 and on her user i disabled auto-log-
on for win messenger and also the log in with outlook
On my own user profile i want to keep win messenger as i
use OE for emailing and like the feature to see
online .net contacts in the address pane.

HOWEVER i have found that despite disabling the MSN auto-
startup in my own profile and keeping win messenger set
to auto start, i have lost the win messenger taskbar icon.
It seems to "run" okay but unless i physically select it
from the start-up menu i cannot see the taskbar icon in
the connected or diabled state.

if i disable MSN then i get the icon back.

How can i get both to run in harmony so that i can have
my win messenger taskbar icon back?

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Win Messenger 4.7 runs fine on my Dell desktop but not on
an IBM laptop. Both computers are running win messenger
4.7.2009, but while all the contacts I have
are displayed properly in the messenger window on the
Dell, on the IBM about half are missing. These contacts
do appear on my allow list on the privacy tab in the
tools menu and i am able to display them by right
clicking and selecting 'add to contacts'. But as soon as
I sign out and sign back in they disappear again. I also
have a contact in my block list that also appears in my
allow list. However in the allow list the contact has the
properties of a different contact in my allow list.

I have downloaded the Win Messenger upgrade several times
and each time the contacts are initially managed
properly, but as soon as I restart the contacts display
the same problems. The Dell desktop I work on upgraded on
initial sign-in and now displays and manages the contacts

I have also tried restoring the IBM to it's factory
configuration in order to delete
the registry; it has not worked. I have downloaded MSN
messenger during one of these rebuilds and MSN messenger
works properly, but I have always preferred Windows
Messenger and would like to have only one version of
Messenger on my computer. If Windows Messenger didn't run
properly on the Dell I would have thought that my
passport was screwed up, but I can only think that there
is something in my IBM that causes the problem. It is a
T41 laptop and was purchased May 6.

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