File Transfer/ Routers

File Transfer/ Routers

Post by Gary Jacks » Wed, 02 Jun 2004 06:31:37


Jonathon has suggested that it may actually be my d-link di-614+ router
causing all of my headaches trying to transfer a file from msn messenger,
either 6.1 or 6.2, to anybody using windows messenger. This is the story.
Using windows messenger 5 I can transfer files all day to anybody. However,
using msn messenger 6.1 or 6.2 I can only transfer a file to another msn
messenger user. I cannot transfer a file to a windows messenger user. Oddly
enough, is I disable UPNP in the router I can then transfer the file using
msn messenger. The problem that creates is that with UPNP disabled I cannot
use the voice function of msn messenger. I would appreciate knowing if
anybody is using a d-link router, any model, with either msn messenger 6.1
or 6.2 and can successfully transfer a file to a windows messenger user.
Additionally, I would appreciate knowing the model of router being used.
Also, if anybody can do the file transfer from msn messenger 6X to windows
messenger and are using a different router I would appreciate knowing the
router make and model, and firmware version if possible. Any help


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I'm running a LAN behind an 8 port Linksys router. Windows Messenger works
fine, but not for file transfers. Linksys has a dated article about making
Messenger itself work, and there is a MS KB article that is kind-of on
point, but I've used Linksys port triggering (at least the way I think it is
supposed to work; they don't address internal versus external ports in the
settings) with no success. Anyway, I've attempted to open up the ports
mentioned in both articles (just long enough to try to transfer the files),
but no joy. I've tried testing different port combinations on machines
behind the router on my LAN, but still no joy. I may not understand the port
triggering concept, nor how to determine what internal and external ports
need to be opened. I've sent several emails to Linksys with no response.
Any suggestions welcome.


Bob Horton


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