Post by AJ » Fri, 15 Aug 2003 06:42:01

This is the 50 billionth time i've posted this and i've
even emailed msn but everyones a FRIGGIN MORON over there
and no one replies. I NEED SOME HELP HERE!

heres the problem:
Problem: I've properly installed MSN Messenger 6.0 (from
5.0) for Windows ME. I can start it up but everytime I try
to sign in to my account (or any other account) it pops up
with the error message "Program Error. Your program is
making an invalid dynamic link call to a .DLL file." and
then it crashes. This also happens when I select Tools,
*** options. I've uninstalled, re-installed, deleted
and re-downloaded at least 5 times and still this happens.
I always have to completley delete the 6.0 files and re-
install 5.0 . PLEASE! Can someone help me!


Post by Matt Ferra » Fri, 15 Aug 2003 08:11:31

not sure how posting 3 times = 50 million or why unanswered emails= morons

but you can generate 2,680 search results with google groups
by entering with the error message " Your program is
there are also articles on the subject at microsoft support.



Post by quiltinwil » Fri, 15 Aug 2003 08:42:07

Hey, I'm getting exactly the same thing going from 5.0 to
6.0 on Windows ME and I've taken the same steps you've
taken and no luck.
One page I ran across has the 6.0 version as being
released on July 16, 2003 so I'm guessing this is some
sort of glitch that they have yet to fix. I did run
across several websites that promise to fix .dll problems,
even one where you can download replacement .dll files to
fix the problems but I don't know what I'd need to
download so haven't messed with that.
Well, can't offer any help, but good luck!



Post by Fran » Fri, 15 Aug 2003 16:24:28

Can't help you I'm afraid, only sympathise. I'm in the same boat! I
did get a reply from Jonathan, and when that didn't work, nothing. I
reluctantly agreed to the upgrade, the nag screens did their work, and
now I find the only way I'm able to run messenger is to disable
firewalls. Never needed this before, in fact I was happy with it as
it was! :-(
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