Messages and files not transfering

Messages and files not transfering

Post by Vm9vZG9vR2 » Fri, 03 Feb 2006 06:48:27


If anyone can offer any advice I'd really appreciate it please. (I am
running a pc on xp on a broadband connection (Metronet) with Norton Internet
Security set up. MSN Messenger version 7.5.0311)

For some time now I have realised and found out I am missing quite a lot of
messages contacts are sending me, so it can be a very disjointed
conversation, and is extremely frustrating for both me and the contact. My
contacts send them but they just don't show up on my pc. Also file transers
do not always transfer.

I also find that messenger sometimes logs itself in and out quite often
through the course of the day or evening, even when the status for msn
messenger is showing that there are no issues.

This seems to be an intermittent problem, although it's hard to judge, as
you can't always tell if a contact has said anything, it's only when it
throws a conversation right out, or they let you know they have said
something, and it hasn't showed up in the chat window, but I am now becoming
more and more aware that it is happening.

I have been told by a couple of contacts I have chatted to about this that
it never seems to happen with anyone else on their contact list. Could it be
my pc or broadband provider? I did contact support for Metronet a while ago
and they said it was an MSN issue not an ISP issue! And yes you guessed it
MSN said it was an ISP issue!!

This problem seems to be getting worse and is now driving me nuts! Please


Messages and files not transfering

Post by Richard Ur » Fri, 03 Feb 2006 23:33:17

About half a year ago I was having much the same problem as you describe.
The phone company was at my home 4 times to try to solve the connection
problem (DSL), but no one ever went up on the pole. They all assumed that
there was something either in my 5 computers (unlikely) or in the house
wiring. The first 3 times they could not even verify that I had a problem
(it was caused whenever it rained).

The 4th fellow finally arrived as the condition was occurring, and he
admitted that I had a problem. He went up on the pole and found that yellow
jackets had built a nest inside the DSL connection enclosure (used to
weather proof the connections). Whenever it rained, the nest got wet and
grounded/shorted out my DSL connection. He killed the wasps and removed the
nest. I have not had a problem since.

Insist that the ISP send someone to look at your wiring, from the pole to
your computer. They may be surprised at what they find.



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