Tracking Emails in ACT! History

Tracking Emails in ACT! History

Post by YnN0cm9uZ » Mon, 30 Mar 2009 02:09:02

When I load Outlook 2007 with BCM, I get a message that says "When using the
ACT! AddressBook, Outlook 2007 cannot enter e-mail history in ACT! when
Microsoft Word is the e-mail editor. Go to Online Help to change these
settings" or something like that. I can not find anything in Online Help.
Has anyone found out how to change the settings so that an e-mail in BCM
using the ACT! AddressBook will enter a history in ACT!?

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I figured this out after a fair amount of digging through the schema.xml and
onet.xml structures and the msdn online help.

First, let me say that I don't believe you can do this through FrontPage. I
think FrontPage only lets you modify/add/del generic lists so you have to
manipulate the following files by hand.

Now the solution. This is an abbreviated version of the online help that
describes how to create a new generic/custom lists with a few modifications
to point out how to ensure you get item history. Search for "Sharepoint
schema.xml" on msdn and onet.xml to get more detailed information about some
of the things mentioned below.

1) Create a new site template (I copied the team workspace template).
Register the template in WEBTEMP.xml
2) Copy and rename the ISSUE folder
3) Open the ONET.xml file for the site and add an entry for your list by
copying the entry for issues in the ListTemplate secton. Make sure it has a
BaseType = 5, otherwise you won't get item history. Make sure a new Type
value is assigned, and remove the UNIQUE property. If you leave the unique
property set to true, you won't be able to create the list via the Create
page and will only be created upon site creation. The Name value must match
the name of the folder from step 2.
4) You will now likely want to slog through the schema.xml file in your
list's folder and to modify how columns and tasks are displayed to the user.
For example, "All <item type> owned by me", New <item type> in the tool bar,

Hope that helps


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