Sales and Purchase Tax

Sales and Purchase Tax

Post by cristalin » Fri, 30 Jun 2006 08:13:42


I collect sales tax and pay tax on purchases (GST). Sales tax is offset by
purchase tax; the remainder is either paid to or returned by Inland Revenue.

I see how can I enable sales tax for what I sell. But I can't find a way to
enable purchase tax for what I buy.

For example, MS Money allows to specify tax on a per-category (per-account)
and per-item basis. I'd like to have the same in SBA, for example, either
the "Advertising Expenses, GST 11%" and "Advertising Expenses, GST 0%"
accounts, or the ability to specify the GST rate for individual expenses.

I would like then to have reports GST-exclusive.

I realize this may not be officially supported, but I am happy to dig into
the SQL tables and adjust table fields to make the above work. It appears
that SBA internally supports what I need. I would appreciate any hint.


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OK. I'm in New Zealand & am trying to get Office Accounting Express 2007 to
work for my small home business. I know its not localised for here so am not
expecting good news on this query. Basically, all I need is a database to
keep track of sales & purchases & calculate my sales tax liability every two
months. All the other bells & whistles are nice but so far it's missing the
ability to carry out an essential function. Read on. We've got a single
fixed Sales Tax rate here of 12.5%. You pay it on most things & get charged
it on most things. Ideally, the software would keep a running total or sales
tax on goods & services sold, which, If I'm running a profitable business
would be partially offset by the running total of sales tax on goods &
services bought. So far it's keeping track of sales tax on sales, but does
not seem to have inbuilt functionality to do this for purchases. Will I have
to do a separate invoice for the sales tax every time I enter cash purchase
or vendor bill?

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