Bank Balance in 'Bank Account Summary' dashboard

Bank Balance in 'Bank Account Summary' dashboard

Post by QnJpYW » Sat, 25 Apr 2009 07:47:01

We used sync with our bank for a little while a few years ago but they raised
their fees and we decided to stop using it. Since then we show these colums
in the bank account summary on the dashboard:
New Items, Last Download, Bank Balance.

Since we don't use thier service anymore, does anyone know if there is any
way to get rid of these columns?


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Searched the group and checked the FAQ but didn't see a question or answer.

Using Money '08 on the Account List page I have several accounts that have
been balanced to zero for months and since the conversion a few months ago
these accounts are now showing a negative Bank Balance but a Zero Adj
Balance. The accts in question are at 0, nothing is owed. However the
amount shown are either the last (or next to last) payment made in the acct.
In one instance it's not a payment but a transfer of $$ from an overpayment
back to checking.

Any idea why Money would show an amount on the Bank Balance column and yet
have -0- Adj Balance.


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