messenger service unwanted pop ups HELP

messenger service unwanted pop ups HELP

Post by debbi » Tue, 20 Jul 2004 03:16:19

i keep getting pop ups saying MESSENGER SERVICE
advertising downloads or saying my system has been
compromised . they are getting really annoying . i have
already got a pop up blocker which stops normal pop ups
but these are different DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA HOW TO

any reply will be much appreciated

messenger service unwanted pop ups HELP

Post by Miha Pihle » Tue, 20 Jul 2004 03:45:15

Hi Debbie,

there are few things you can (you should) do.
* first install personal firewall (if you have windows xp it is already
included. If you don't have windows XP then download any free edition of any
personal firewall)
* you can disable Messenger service (under services -- right click My
Computer > Manage > Services > look for messenger service > double click >
change Startup Type from Automatic startup to Disabled and stop the service.

Last step should stop the pop-ups, but if you don't have personal firewall
you are still vulnerable to attacks from internet.

Make sure your windows are up-to-date with updates (patches). Visit

I hope this helps you out,



messenger service unwanted pop ups HELP

Post by Shenan Sta » Tue, 20 Jul 2004 06:33:44

ebbie wrote:

A firewall and disabling the messenger service..

If you don't wish to follow all of the advice immediately, just want to
get rid of your current dilemma, then you are welcome to scroll down to
the section titled "SPYWARE/ADWARE/POPUPS", where your problem as
stated should be resolved by the applications and suggestions found in
that section. If this helps solve your problem then I again HIGHLY
suggest you follow the rest of the advice below (matter of fact, I
suggest it either way.)

Suggestions on what you can do to secure/clean your PC. I'm going to try
and be general, I will assume a "Windows" operating system is what is
being secured here.


There are annoyances out there you can get without
trying. Your normal web surfing, maybe a wrong click on a web page, maybe
just a momentary lack of judgment by installing some software packages
without doing the research.. And all of a sudden your screen starts filling
up with advertisements or your Internet seems much slower or your home page
won't stay what you set it and goes someplace unfamiliar to you. This is
spyware. There are a whole SLEW of software packages out there to get rid
of this crud and help prevent reinfection. Some of the products already
mentioned might even have branched out into this arena. However, there are
a few applications that seem to be the best at what they do, which is
eradicating and immunizing your system from this crap. Strangely, the best
products I have found in this category ARE generally free. That is a trend
I like. I make donations to some of them, they deserve it!

Two side-notes: Never think one of these can do the whole job.
Try the first 5 before coming back and saying "That did not work!"
Also, you can always visit:
For more updated information.

Spybot Search and Destroy (Free!)

Lavasoft AdAware (Free and up)

CWSShredder (Free!)

Hijack This! (Free)
( Tutorial: )

SpywareBlaster (Free!)

IE-SPYAD (Free!)

ToolbarCop (Free!)

Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner (Free!)

Browser Security Tests

The Cleaner (49.95 and up)

That will clean up your machine of the spyware, given that you download and
install several of them, update them regularly and scan with them when you
update. Some (like SpywareBlaster and SpyBot Search and Destroy) have
immunization features that will help you prevent your PC from being
infected. Use these features!

Unfortunately, although that will lessen your popups on the Internet/while
you are online, it won't eliminate them. I have looked at a lot of options,
seen a lot of them used in production with people who seem to attract popups
like a plague, and I only have one suggestion that end up serving double
duty (search engine and popup stopper in one):

The Google Toolbar (Free!)

Yeah - it adds a bar to your Internet Explorer - but its a useful one.