cannot open remote registry when login with a domain user on vista or windows server 2008

cannot open remote registry when login with a domain user on vista or windows server 2008

Post by tian » Mon, 05 May 2008 22:44:49

I have logged into a machine with a user who is only a domain user, and used
api RegConnectRegistry and then RegOpenKeyEx to query another machine's
registry in the same domain, but RegOpenKeyEx returns access denied. I have
tried giving the local administrator and domain administrator credentials
using NetUseAdd and WNetAddConnection2, but both cannot work.
This only happened in Vista or Windows Server 2008. And only happened when I
logged in with a domain user.
Could anyone help me?

1. connect open remote registry when login with a domain user on vista or windows server 2008.

2. Cannot add Windows Vista PC to Windows 2008 domain

When trying to add a new Windows Vista (hqseven) machine to a Windows 2008
network I get the following error message... "An attempt to resolve the DNS
name of a DC in the domain being joined has failed. Please verify this client
is configured to reach a DNS server that can resolve DNS names in the target
domain." In the past year, I have added two XP, one Windows 7, and another
Vista box to the domain. I am not sure why I can't add my new Windows Vista

I am able to get on the internet with the Vista PC. I can RDP to the DC
(hqserver64) or any client. (using host name or static ip) I am also able to
ping the domain controller (DC) or any other computer on my network using
host name.

After initial info search I did find the following error message when doing
an nslookup from my new vista box.

mydomainname is a pseudonym.

nslookup mydomainname
*** can't find mydomainname: Server failed.

I do not understand why I am suddenly getting these error messages when I
have been able to join this domain in the past.

Stan Smith

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