Post by bob » Sat, 16 Aug 2003 00:22:36

My computer reboots so quickly that a had to remove the
msblast.exe file while running in safe mode. I also
deleted that line in the registry. I was never able
to "end process" in the Task manager while in normal mode
because my computer would not stay on long enough.

My computer still reboots. How can I get it to stop.


Post by Lanwench [ » Sat, 16 Aug 2003 01:56:27

info....and/or follow the instructions below.

If you can't stop your computer from restarting:

As soon as your computer reboots and Windows loads, click Start, then Run.
In the box, type the following:

shutdown -a (then click OK)

As soon as you can!. You are running the 32-bit edition of Windows XP, btw;
you'd know if you weren't, trust me.

If you get
setup could not verify the integrity of the file
/ cryptographic services message, see ;en-us;326815 (for XP) or (for Win2k)

For the removal tool for the MSBlast worm see
Note - this is not the only worm/exploit out there - it just seems to be the
most common one.

Get a firewall! You NEED one. There are several free ones, including
Sygate ( )

Then go to WindowsUpdate to pick up the latest updates: . (You should do this about once a month
anyway, at least)

More info about the worm:
and ;en-us;823980

You also need good antivirus software - for personal use, AVG 6.0 is free - - set it to update daily.