New Gaming Community!

New Gaming Community!

Post by Virtu » Sat, 11 Aug 2007 08:11:48

Let me tell you about a great new site that brings the best from *** , at
NO cost! primarily a MMORPG Community with a passion for World of
Warcraft, so if your interested in a great community with friendly players
and admin's, with lots of contest, fun and many in game events, this is THE
#1 place for ANY World of Warcraft gamer!

Besides our wow *** ion, we host Both Counter-Strike and CS Source
Gameservers, America's Army and Soldat (2D Shooter) Servers, so if your a
bit tired from World of Warcraft you can enjoy playing with your friends on
one of our other gameservers, naturally we also have a Teamspeak2 Server
running 24/7 with capacity for 1200 users, so you will never feel alone.

Sign up now, its free, its fun..

Virtus - Dedicated fun.

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2. New Linux gaming community

I'm not trying to blatantly advertise here. I'm trying to get some
support for a community project I'm starting. I started a community
named "Linux- *** .net", and its purpose is to promote *** on the
Linux platform, promote the availability of native Linux builds of
commercial games, promote free-software games, and basically try to
encourage people to at least try their favorite games with Wine. Its
purpose is also to support those who cannot get their favorite games to
run under Wine or otherwise, and to provide general Linux support. I do
not wish to be viewed as an advertiser trying to get ad click money (my
site isn't ad-supported anyway -- it's all out of my own pocket) or as
someone desperate for attention. I want to promote Linux *** , and I
need as much help as I can get.

The URL is *** .net/ and anyone with questions is
encouraged to drop me an e-mail.

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