FS2004 (and FS2002) Water Effects

FS2004 (and FS2002) Water Effects

Post by Katy » Sun, 03 Aug 2003 11:13:55

> Last Thursday I purchased the newest addition to the


The GeForce 4 MX is a GF2 in disguise, it is only a DX7 card and you
will not see the water effect in FS2004 with this card, the effect
requires DX8 hardware.

For the GF2MX it worked fine in FS2002, to get that effect back in the
same simulator with the GF4MX you need to add information in the
device.cfg file, check the avsim.com library and search for a file
with instructions to do this.

All the Best
Katy Pluta, MS-MVP for Flight Simulator
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The slider for "water effects" in "display" will not move to high, it always
goes back to "low" whenever I go back to "display". I've check the microsoft
support pages, specifically
http://www.yqcomputer.com/ ;en-us;836185 ,the suggested
solution states to unload "windowblinds" ,which I don't even have installed
on my computer.

If anyone has any suggestion they will be greatly appreciated.


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