Flight Simulator 2004 and missing plane panels

Flight Simulator 2004 and missing plane panels

Post by Davi » Tue, 04 Nov 2003 08:52:42

Yesterday (Sunday 2 November) I purchased a copy of Flight
Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight. After installing the
programme I noticed that the panels in all the aircraft
were missing. In their place is a black rectangular area,
and when sliding the curser over this area names of the
missing gauges in the missing panel show which gauge
should be present.

I also noticed that I could move the rectangle, where the
panel usually is, up and over the sight from the front of
the *** pit. I could then move the forward view out of the
cockpit to the bottom of the monitor while leaving the
missing panel at the top of the monitor. In other words, I
could reverse the forward view of the *** pit and the
missing panel, and still see the forward view of the
cockpit at the bottom of the monitor, but still no panel
or gauges.

After pressing the Alt key, I checked the toolbar/ View/
Instrument Panel. Both the Global On and Main Panel were
ticked. I then ticked all the other instruments on this
option and when I returned to the *** pit screen the only
resemblance of an instrument or gauge was black/coloured
rectangle space where the new gauge/instrument was meant
to be. I could move these rectangle spaces around the
screen while in *** pit mode but could not view them.

I uninstalled this flight simulator programme and
reinstalled it with the same affect - the panels and
gauges were still missing. The land above the missing
panels, looking out the front of the *** pit, is visible
and all other items in the simulator are present - even
the virtual *** pit. All land, trees, building, spot
planes, and everything else is showing - everything except
the planes' panels and gauges when on *** pit view. When
on virtual *** pit the panel and gauges are visible.

My system is:

Asus A7N8X motherboard with 512 DDR RAM
AMD Athlon 2800 + (Barton)
Albatron FX5600 128 Mb RAM - Nvidia Detonator
43.51 (WHQL driver)
Windows ME

Prior to installing Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of
Flight, I was using Flight Simulator 2000, which had no
problems at all. I uninstalled FS 2000 before installing
FS 2004 so no corruption could occur between versions.

I do not have an Internet connection at home and therefore
can't just download patches or updates for this flight
simulator. Can anyone help please?


Flight Simulator 2004 and missing plane panels

Post by Katy » Tue, 04 Nov 2003 13:19:43

>Yesterday (Sunday 2 November) I purchased a copy of Flight


You just need to update your video drivers, any version above 45.xx
will cure that particular problem with the FX cards and FS2004...

All the Best
Katy Pluta, MS-MVP for Flight Simulator

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