Halo - Reinstall & old checkpoints/cfg

Halo - Reinstall & old checkpoints/cfg

Post by popey » Mon, 17 Nov 2003 07:37:47

Am attempting to continue a campaign at my last ckpoint/original cfg
after being forced to reinstall.
Copied my saved and savegame folders along with the savegame.bin file
into the new Halo Dir, but when game restarted, the old profile is not
Game running well, but don't make me shoot all those yellow crawling
things with teeth again
and by the way.....I did not lose my CD key!
Xp Pro/SP1/all updates
P4 2.6c
Asus P4p deluxe
Norton Av/internet security
DSL connection

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dear texperts---

I am still working on learning how to install adobe postscript fonts
under texlive 2008.

First, I am trying to find out where pdftex.cfg sits (or is supposed
to sit). I cannot find it in my texlive tree.

Second, may I ask why there are multiple updmap.cfg files in the
texlive 2008 distro? I see three:
texmf-config/web2c/, texmf/web2c/ and texmf-var/web2c/

Related updmap Questions: would it not make sense to never have to
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help appreciated.



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