mm2 setup.exe

mm2 setup.exe

Post by rodneyhubb » Thu, 07 Oct 2004 14:44:42

need setup file for motocross madness 2?help!

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Hi ppl (actually all you genius)

this is my first post to your group

I am stucked for the solution of the problem as stated in subject line

Actually i am trying to launch DEBUG.exe and DISKPART.exe before the
setup.exe starts using bootable cd for WinXP .It is like unattended
setup.I want that during this setup process user should not have to
manually create and format hard disk partition.Hard disk should be
ready by this time through DEBUG.exe and DISKPART.exe.

for the above what i did are as follows:-----

1)get the dump of WINXP setup into my D drive

2)added a folder as Tools into it, into this folder i have copied
DEBUG.exe and DISKPART.exe with the required script files TXT
format(which will be called for hard disk configuration)

3)made a batch file as setup.bat in which i m calling
DEBUG.exe---------DISKPART.exe and SETUP.exe sequentially

4)configured Autorun.inf ,i.e in the open parameter instead of calling
setup.exe(default) putted value setup.bat.

5)made a .iso file of this whole dump folder using nLite and tried to
boot a system.

problem :- system is not booting on inserting bootable cd,I have
already checked the boot order in BIOS which is correct.

Can anybody put light on this.I know many of you have never done such
things before, so you all will be more interested and e *** d than me.

hoping for quick and productive response from you all.

regards in advance.

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