MVP Baseball 2003

MVP Baseball 2003

Post by Rick » Sun, 27 Jul 2003 09:26:39

I have XP Professional loaded. I am able to install EA
MVP Baseball 2003 but can't execute it. It states access
denied must have system administrator privileges. I am
the system administrator and it was installed with my
profile. Any ideas on how to get this to work?

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2. mvp baseball 2004

I am considering buying this game. Is this the one as for baseball
games. I was a "hardball " game fan from a few years back and id like
to know what is out there. also id like to know if any of these are
playable online (one to one connection or server). if they are, i am
against paying a fee to EA or whoever. I want to know if I can play
someone on the net without paying the vendor. They have my oney for
the game, so why should I pay them to play online. Can you download
new rosters for these games.

thanks for your help

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