"Serious driver issues" and a sound issue

"Serious driver issues" and a sound issue

Post by 1337d00 » Fri, 24 Oct 2003 01:55:35

Whilst I haven't got the full version of Halo, I've got
the trial, I still get error messages that apply, seeming
as it's the same game engine technology

Anyway.... If I install the game, then run the game
straight aftwards it plays fine, no errors whatsoever...
except... except that when I enter buildings, I get this
really loud continous humming sound... I'm guessing the
trial is missing that sound file and is playing that file
instead... which means that I have to turn my speakers off
when entering so I can't hear any dialogue

secondly... secondly after I close the program after the
first time, then relaunch it... even after rebooting
etc... I get an error message informing me that my video
card drivers "have serious issues" with the game...

Despsite the fact that the game worked fine originally

And that I have the latest nVidia DetonatorFX 52.03
Drivers for my GF4Ti4800SE and my secondary GF4MX420PCI

But... I do have the stereo-3D versions of the nVidia
drivers, but I can't see how it would interfere with the
game in any way, the drivers are exactly the same, its
just an override added after the original drivers

And I really want the full version of Halo, and I was
going to buy it, but seeming as I get this error message
that doens't let me play even the demo, then I need to get
this resolved before I buy the final