Help - DST patches totally screwed up six years worth of histo

Help - DST patches totally screwed up six years worth of histo

Post by Qnlyb24gRm » Sat, 01 Mar 2008 19:06:01


The main reason I ran the patches to begin with were that some of my
appointments were messed up to begin with, taking place a day earlier.
Mother's Day was on a Saturday. Memorial Day was on a Sunday. That sort of
thing. It seemed to impact mostly annual recurring events but there were
others too. Several readers steered me towards this being DST issues. Also,
since, Microsoft has released patches for WM6 and Outlook 2007, I'm assuming
there must be something wrong or incomplete with the their default DST
implementation. Otherwise, why would they have wasted their time to
developing the patches and the amount of help information on their website
related to them for these products. So, that's why.

Most of my issues have corrected themselves once I reset the time on my
computer and my pda. The patches changed my current time and my time zone on
both. Also, my all day events were all changed to 24 hour events running from
midnight one day to midnight the next. I had to manually convert all of those
back to all day events. I think everything is back to normal now though. It
is VERY frustrating to have to spend hours to repair years of calendar
history after something like this though. There really should be a file
somewhere detailing exactly what these patches are going to do to your events
so we'll know before we actually run them.

- Byron

Help - DST patches totally screwed up six years worth of histo

Post by Todd Allco » Mon, 03 Mar 2008 18:13:24


I'm having the same issues, however, after running the patches last year on
Outlook and my WM5 device made an even bigger clusterf--k of everything,
I'm waiting until the time change to see if everything sorts itself out


Sorry, I just assumed they repackaged last year's patches with a new date.