disabling and forcing the display language + user!language parameter?

disabling and forcing the display language + user!language parameter?

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does it possible to force reporting services to display in a specific
language instead-of using the end user configurtation?

and also, does it possible to force the user!language paraneter to a static
value at the server level?

We have multilingual reports, but the client need to force the user!language
parameter to make sure that all the user will display the report with the
english content.
I don't want to rewrite my reports and I don't want (if possible) to create
a new parameter in my reports (to control the language through a standard RS

thanks for your guides.


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Oh yeah, I love those things! And they can even have a real use. There is a
linux installer I wrote for a commercial software, that is a Tcl and a
shell script at the same time. Not that tricky as your example, because it
only involves two languages, but works in real world. If Tcl/Tk/X11 is
there, the installer is GUI based, if not, its an interactive shell

Combining languages is a really nice game. I ask myself, if there are other
useful examples of such.

Sorry for being offtopic, but this wonderful example could not be left


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