Can't use VS 2003 for reports now that VS 2005 and SQL 2005 are in

Can't use VS 2003 for reports now that VS 2005 and SQL 2005 are in

Post by Sm9obiB » Wed, 08 Feb 2006 06:35:27

I am having the same issue.


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The SQLServer Express and associated tools that come with Visual Studio 2005
don't give me everything I need. So I want to install the full SQL Server and
SQL Server Management Console (or whatever that's called) on my development
computer along with Visual Studio 2005.

Here's my question: What components can I *deinstall* from the Visual Studio
2005 installation once I've installed the complete SQL Server and Tools on
the machine? When I look in Add/Remove Programs, there are all these SQL
Server entries that are there. I don't know which of them belongs to the SQL
Server that's installed with VS and which belong to the full SQL Server. I
don't want to have all this extraneous stuff on my machine but I'm confused
as to what I can remove.


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