Report Model, Report Builder and Report Designer (three issues).

Report Model, Report Builder and Report Designer (three issues).

Post by QXJpZWwgQW » Thu, 16 Apr 2009 13:14:01

Hi, I am working in a SQL Server 2005 Reporting BI Platform so complex.
The situation is this: I have an Analysis Cube and I need some end users to
be able to create their own reports so I created a Report Model and trained
the users to use Report Builder 1.0.

However, some special reports need optional parameters, I tried to use
formulas in order to enable it but I could not make optional parameters in a
listbox (something like "ALL" to see every data - ISSUE 1 - The best thind I
could do, replaces the listbox with a textbox stopping the user to see a list
of possible values). Furthermore, I could not create Date Parameters like
(From.... to) via prompts (ISSUE 2).

So, I finally decided to create some special reports from SQL Server
Reporting Services Designer to solve both problems (optional parameters and
Date From To Parameters).

But... there is a special consideration. In order to have standardized
behavior and security, I had to create the special reports in Designer from
the Report Model (and not the Analysis CUBE). After many problems, I could
create optional parameters according with my needs, but I could not create
Date Parameters From.... to. Although creating Date Parameters is easy in
Report Designer, as the data source is a report model and not a SQL DB (or
cube), I have not been able to find the way to create those parameters (ISSUE

Are those issues possible to solve? Should I continue "fighting" with Report
Builder (ISSUE 1 AND 2), or is there any way to solve the Designer problem
with Report Models (ISSUE 3).

In case of not being able to solve any of these issues? Are those problems
solved with SQL Server 2008 and Report Builder 2.0.

Please help me!!!!!
Ariel Andrs Quesada
MSc Systems Engineering, MCBMSP CRM 4.0
MCTS: TFS, MOSS 2007,Forefront, Project 2007,
.NET 2.0: Web/Win Apps, SQL Svr 2005

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How can I resolve this situation.


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