Help Needed in Drill Down Report having more than one drill down level

Help Needed in Drill Down Report having more than one drill down level

Post by Natra » Tue, 22 Mar 2005 20:17:13

Hi All,

I have an issue with drill down reports.
I am having the following data in my table

ColA ColB ColC

A1 B1 N
A2 B2 N
C1 D1 N
C2 D2 N
E1 F1 N

This might contain n rows.
Now i need to group on the column C if its value equals Y.
So, i want the report as same as in the following format.

+ A B Y
+ A1 B1 N
A2 B2 N
+C D Y
+C1 D1 N
C2 D2 N
+ E F Y
+E1 F1 N
and so on .....

So, here i am having more than one drill down level.
So i am not sure how many groupings i should i make untill i hit the
Is there any way to achieve this type of functionality in a RDL file?

Can you please help me in this!

Any ideas or suggesstion would help me a lot!

Thanks in advance

Natarajan S

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