'SQLOLEDB' was unable to begin a distributed transaction

'SQLOLEDB' was unable to begin a distributed transaction

Post by T2xhIEFsbG » Fri, 17 Sep 2004 23:17:06

We have a problem with link server about using distributed transaction to
configure inserting data into the link database. Any time we execute the SP
we have the below error

Server: Msg 7391, Level 16, State 1, Line 2
The operation could not be performed because the OLE DB provider 'SQLOLEDB'
was unable to begin a distributed transaction. OLE/DB provider returned
message: New transaction cannot enlist in the specified transaction

I have gone through the Knowledge base article with Microsoft to solve the
error but without success. Find attached the links to articles referencing
the error:

http://www.yqcomputer.com/ ;en-us;329332

http://www.yqcomputer.com/ ;en-us;827805

My inclination is whether we need to set the distributed coordinator account
to a domain acct rather than a Network service acct