Encryption not supported on SQL Server

Encryption not supported on SQL Server

Post by Crai » Sat, 01 May 2004 21:29:16

Getting this error when trying to get into Enterprise
Manager on the local server. I can get into EM from other
machines. I also have an ASP application running locally
on the same SQL box that gets the same error when trying
to run. This all started recently after a reboot of the
server. I know some SQL stuff but I have just walked into
this support role. I need help to get the ASP app working

Encryption not supported on SQL Server

Post by kevm » Sun, 02 May 2004 08:52:33

This error usually indicates that you have checked the "Force Protocol
Encryption" option using the Client network utility or set the following
registry key on the server.

Encrypt == 1


Kevin McDonnell
Microsoft Corporation

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