Backup user's password lost

Backup user's password lost

Post by QW5keVdhd2 » Thu, 06 Sep 2007 18:30:02

I'm doing a backup (SQL 2000/Windows 2003 Server) on a net share (Win Server
2003). I created a special user in the Acitve Directory and gave him a
password. SQL Job Agent runs using this account. It works fine, but when I
restart the SQL-server, the password of this user is apparently lost and
backup fails. I cannot use the system account for the Job Agent doing backup
over net. When I start the backup manually again filling the password again,
it works - till new restart. What's wrong?
Thanks for your help

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Is there any way to crack a password for a Norton Ghost 14.0 backup.

Rather stupidly, after doing quite a bit of work on my brothers XP Home
based PC on the 16th October, and whilst he was wandering around his home
later that day recovering from a general anaesthetic, I did a final Ghost
backup to his internal hd drive D:\ ...I, (stupidly I suppose), suggested
entering a Ghost 14.0 "encryption password," which he suggested, (and which
he and I failed to write down), and now neither of us can remember it.

He 'phoned me yesterday, to say that he'd tried to "upgrade" AVG 8.5 to
version 9.0 and ended up with his PC failing to boot up ! (...he's now
blaming it on me with the excuse that he knew that I'd recently done a Ghost
backup), ...and that's why he didn't do a Ghost backup himself prior to
upgrading to AVG 9.0

So he's had to restore using a Ghost BU, from external hard-disk that's over
a month old !

Is there any hope - using a password cracker - "brute force dictionary
attack" etc. .... and is so can anyone recommend one ?


regards, Richard

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