Access java webservices from CLR function on sql server in DMZ

Access java webservices from CLR function on sql server in DMZ

Post by RHJhZ2d » Wed, 02 Aug 2006 18:01:01

Well, you in right

Thirst you need to deploy one script, in your front web server who just post
a soap message in the distant web services. In this script you need to return
the distant soap response with the methode of the reference of distant

for exemple in WEBMETHOD add :

public webreference.method distant_function(int param1, string param2) {

webreference.method Response = new

Response = distant_function(param1, param2);
return Response;

Well, now you just need to post the soap question on the web service hosted
in your web server from the private IP, from your CLR Sql server table valued
function, and to get the soap response in your CLR fonction directly.

this is a good way to do it :


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