Remote control applet wont install or even prompt to install-v

Remote control applet wont install or even prompt to install-v

Post by U3RldmVKSF » Sat, 16 Feb 2008 00:16:01

I just had this same problem here too. We have four other virtual servers,
and this is the first we had a problem with. It is also the only one which is
64-bit, so perhaps that's related. Here's what I did:

1. Go to \Program Files\Microsoft Virtual
2. Extract the contents of the to a temporary location.
3. Right click on the VMRCActiveXClient.dll or the VMRCActiveXClient64.dll
file depending if your system is 64-bit or not.
4. Click "open with", browse to /WINDOWS/system32, and open with REGSVR32 to
register the DLL.

You should be able to access VMRC through IE (at least I did). If it works,
delete the files at the temporary location from step 2, and you should be
good to go.

Hope this helps!


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I have this remote control,

I just re-installed VIsta Ultimate, and now this remote control is not
working anymore.. it was working fine before I did the re-install..
it comes w/no driver, so short of disconnecting and connecting the
transmitter again to a USB port not sure what more I can do.. it used
to work fine not just with Windows Media Center but also with Rhapsody
and other stuff, now it does not work at all... I just put new
batteries in it... when I press a button on the remote the green
light on the remote goes on and the red light on the transmitter also
goes on.. so it's definitely not a battery problem..

(I know there's another, more specialized ng for this question in hierarchy, but I'm posting thru google
now and can't find that group (posting thru google for now b/c also
have not been able to retrieve all prefs/info (i.e., passwords) for my
news client (Thunderbird..) )

thank you very much..

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