How to clean hidden Pop-up window software in Windows?

How to clean hidden Pop-up window software in Windows?

Post by Steven L U » Mon, 25 Aug 2003 11:56:16

To eliminate or reduce pop ups of various types you need to install a firewall ,
either a personal one or a internet device at your cable/dsl modem - even the cheap
ones at Best Buy from Linksys, D-Link, Microsoft, or Netgear will help immensely and
come preconfigured to block all inbound access. Otherwise you can download free ones
off of the internet - Zone Alarm is good for a novice user to set up, while Sygate or
Kerio are more powerful but require more knowledge of tcp/ip to set up properly.

Run a program that will detect and remove most adware/spyware/malware such as Spybot
Search and Destroy or Ad Aware. Then install a pop up stopper program. The new Google
tool bar is excellent at stopping pop ups and free. --- Steve

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I am user of Microsoft Office products for many years and
I have never experienced the following until this year on
my new machine. I have Windows XP Pro and love it. I
have Word 2002 as well as Excel, Outlook, etc. in my
office suite.

When I am in a document in Word and select any number of
activities, such as "print" from the "file" drop down
menu, instead of the print menu "little" window popping up
on top of my word document, I do not see the print menu
window, it's behind the main window somewhere and the task
bar item for word is flashing. I have to click on the
task bar icon and then reclick it to go back to windows
and then the print menu window shows up in the foreground
and I can go about printing.

This is extremely annoying, how do I fix this ? Is there
a setting or patch or something that will help ?

F :)

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