Configure TCP/IP Filtering in Win2K Dial-Up Internet Connection

Configure TCP/IP Filtering in Win2K Dial-Up Internet Connection

Post by Ben-Zion J » Tue, 19 Aug 2003 19:54:18

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 309798 recommends to
configure TCP/IP Filtering on Microsoft Windows 2000-based
computers (including Win2K Pro). However, when I follow
the steps in my Dial-Up Connection Properties Networking
tab > click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)>Properties>Advanced>
click Options tab, the only Optional settings in the
window is IP security, and I cannot enable TCP/IP
Filtering here.
Note that if I choose to start with my Local Area
Connection Properties and go through the same steps, the
desired TCP/IP Filtering choice does appear, but here it
is of no use as I do not have a LAN or a network; just a
standalone workstation connected to the internet by a dial-
up external modem. The on-board ethernet adaptor is idle.
Any ideas?

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I am running XP Home on my P4 laptop with all current
patches installed. My normal connection is wireless
802.11b through a router to a DSL modem. When I leave
home I am unable to establish connectivity using my modem
or LAN port. I have tried using the new connection wizard
and tried manually installing a new connection. In
either case, after setting up a new connection, I can
actually connect and be logged on to my ISP. However,
browser and email clients will not work. I suspect a
problem with name resolution, and dynamic IP addressing
with DHCP and TCP/IP not binding to the new connections.
Cannot ping any address except loopback. I have tried un-
installing my wireless connection to no avail.

I was advised by my laptop maker's (vpr Matrix) tech
support that I should re-install XP, but I see that as an
undesireably complicated task. Does anyone know of a way
to fix this problem by tweaking registries?

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