internet sharing and ad hoc

internet sharing and ad hoc

Post by UmVte » Tue, 14 Jun 2005 12:59:02

ok, to discribe the problem:

i'm sharing an internet connection on a LAN card i also have a second LAN
card and a wireless adapter connected on the computer to share the connetion.
the problem is that only the computer on the LAN and the host are getting an
internet connection, the computer on the wireless connection only connects to
the network, it doesn't get the internet. the thing i don't get is that it
finds a gateway.

to further explain, the LAN connection has a hub to connect the 2 computers
while the wireless connection is a ad-hoc connection. below is a graphical
display to explain this cause i think what i said is a bit confusing.

Computer 1, ad hoc connection(netwrok, but no internet)
Host <--- Internet cable modem, LAN
Computer 2, LAN (has access to the network, internet connection)

the host has internet and access to the whole network

i tried just sharing the connection and making a bridge with the wireless
and the LAN clients.

Can any one help? any suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you in advance,

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I'm trying to share a DSL internet connection between my
two computers, using an ad-hoc wireless network (both
computers are running XP pro.). I've got the IP
addresses and subnet masks set up so I can file and
printer share with no problem, and everything else but
ICS works. My Internet connection is set up for sharing
on the computer hooked up to the internet, but when I try
to access the Internet on the other computer it can't
find the server. I've disabled ICF on every network
connection except for the internet connection. The
networking wizard is useless, as it expects the IP adress
and subnet mask setting to be given automatically. I've
set the IP address and Subnet Mask directly, and cleared
all the internet connections and check boxes in the LAN
settings box for the Internet properties. Is there
something else I have to do before I can use ICS? Does
anyone have the URL of a web page that explains how to
manually configure ICS?

Please help me,


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