Wireless Bridge VS Wireless Access Point for DVR connection to wireless network

Wireless Bridge VS Wireless Access Point for DVR connection to wireless network

Post by Mark » Fri, 30 Dec 2005 06:21:49


I have a question to ask the group and hope I get some direction in which
way I should proceed...

I have a new Replay TV box that has an Ethernet port which I can use to
connect it to my wireless network. It's downstairs and my wireless router is
upstairs. By connecting the unit to my home network, I can dump the programs
over to my PC and burn the ones I want to keep to DVD so I can purge the
older recorded material off the DVR. I know I can get a wireless
bridge/ *** adapter to plug the unit into but was wondering if a wireless
access point would also work? I see that most of the wireless access points
have an Ethernet port as well like this one I spotted on Ebay:
http://www.yqcomputer.com/ %3AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1

Question 1: Would this work if I were to plug the unit into the Ethernet
port on a wireless access point the same as a wireless bridge?
Question 2: Would my wireless router see the access point without being
connected via cable? (I thought a wireless access point could expand the
current router's coverage area)

Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance!

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2. choosing wireless adapter or bridge for 333 imac to wireless network

Hello all,

I have a 333 mhz (rev d, no airport) imac running os x 10.2 and I want
to connect it wirelessly to my home network/SBCYahoo DSL service. My
roommate's pc is connected via ethernet cable to the DSL
modem/wireless router (a 2wire HomePortal 1000SW with WEP encryption).
The imac is separated from the router by two walls and about 20 ft.

I tried without success to use d-link's dwl-122 usb adapter and I'm
going to return it - the drivers it came with are *** and the betas
on their website didn't work either. Rather than waste more
time/money auditioning other products, I did searches and narrowed it
down to the following three candidates. Any advice/recommendations on
where to go from here would be much appreciated!

linksys wireless ethernet bridge: $100
intriguing, and tempting since the problem in getting these devices to
work so far has been crappy driver software

macwireless usb adapter: $80
made specifically for mac, which I like

belkin usb adapter: $60
cheapest, and has gotten good reviews from mac users

I don't need to share printers or files across the network, I just
want to hop on to the internet connection. Thanks a lot.

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