wireless frustrations - dropouts, etc.

wireless frustrations - dropouts, etc.

Post by spoon200 » Sun, 12 Jun 2005 23:58:37

I am trying to network my computers wirelessly but am having lots of
frustrations. The house is pretty spread out, lots of walls, etc.

Anyway yesterday I was testing out the wireless connection out to the
computer in the den. As a test, I was playing albums of MP3 files from my
bedroom computer on the den computer, over the wireless connection.

Intermittently the desktop computer or the den computer would lose its
connection. The computers would reestablish the network connections
automatically, but each time I would have to restart the MP3 playback.

Is it normal to have these intermittent dropouts, is it something I should

If so, how is it possible to do extended unattended operations?

Here is my equipment.

Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Broadband Router
D-Link DWL-G510 Wireless G PCI Desktop Adapter - in my bedroom desktop
Hawking Hi-Gain Omni-Directional 2.4 Ghz 6dBi antenna - connected to D-Link
card above computer
Netgear WG311 54Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter - in the computer I had in the den
Both computers running WinXP, all devices configured for WPA/PSK security

I got these cards to take advantage of rebates. Got the Linksys router
after returning a Netgear router - I thought having dual replaceable
antennae would help with coverage problems.

Any recommendations on how I can get a wireless network up and running
dependably, without dropouts, etc? Any particular equipment
recommendations? I have tried to get inexpensive equipment so far (rebate
deals, etc), but after all these frustrations I'd be willing to spend more
to get a reliable connection.

Thanks for any help.

wireless frustrations - dropouts, etc.

Post by Jack » Mon, 13 Jun 2005 06:08:20

When having a Wireless Coverage problem that seems to be out of boundary.
I.e. The distance is much less then expected.
1. Get an Hold of a Computer that has Wireless card and can be easily moved
around (Like a Laptop or PDA).
Read this: http://www.yqcomputer.com/
And install Netstumbler on the portable computer.
Put the Wireless client in a distance and start to play with positioning of
the Wireless Source (Wireless Router, or an Access Point).
It might be you would find a spot that would provide better propagation.
While using the client with Netstumbler as your reference device.
2. If it does not help or the spot that provides better signal is not in a
practical place to put the Wireless Source in, you might need additional
hardware to provide better coverage, the content of the following links
might help:
May be this can Help.
Jack (MVP-Networking).