XP ad-hoc wireless network - accessing shared files and printers

XP ad-hoc wireless network - accessing shared files and printers

Post by Q2xpdmVEYX » Thu, 20 Aug 2009 07:52:01

I've 2 pcs running XP Pro and each has a wireless card. I've successfully set
up the ad-hoc network on the host and have connected using the client. Each
PC is in a common workgroup.
Now, this may be a stupid question; call it the vagaries of an ageing
pensioner's mind. How do i actually physically "see" and attach the shared
resources that are on the host, at the client. Do I need to set up a "network
place"? If so, how should this be formatted in a mapped drive? Or is there a
simple method that I am just not seeing? My ad-hoc network is simply called
I ultimately want to use the internet connection on the host, from the
client but am having IP issues at the client. I will post a query on this
All help welcome!!

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On the Vista client, can see the "gateway" and am able to use the internet
connection share at the XP host.
For some reason, however, cannot see the shared folders even though it is
connected to the ad-hoc network.
On an XP client, I have no such problem; can access all shared folders and
can also access the ICS.
I have 3 pcs; desktop host with XP, laptop client with XP and laptop client
with Vista. This last one is the problem.
I've read all the help on not seeing folders, at the Vista end and seem to
have everything correct. All SPs are loaded uptodate on the XP host.
H E L P!

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