The files for this update failed to download. Approving this updat

The files for this update failed to download. Approving this updat

Post by QnVybmFieX » Sat, 13 Aug 2005 04:48:04

Im using Wsus on 2003 sp1, I just started getting this error. I m not sure
where the problem lies. Everything was working fine until the recent rash of

xp kb894391
xp kb899587
xp kb899591
xp bk803756
xp kb899588

ALL of these Im getting the error

"The files for this update failed to download. Approving this update will
retry the download but the update will not be available to computers until
the download is complete."

ANyone know whats going on??

Here is a snippet of the software distro log.

2005-08-11 01:09:11.264
UTC Info wsusservice.10 SusEventDispatcher.TriggerEvent TriggerEvent called
for NotificationEventName: DeploymentChange, EventInfo: DeploymentChange
2005-08-11 01:09:11.280
UTC Info wsusservice.400 ThreadEntry ContentSyncAgent.WakeUpWorkerThreadProc
2005-08-11 01:09:11.280
UTC Info wsusservice.400 SusEventDispatcher.RegisterEventHandler RegisterEventHandler called for NotificationEventName: ConfigurationChange
2005-08-11 01:09:11.295
UTC Info wsusservice.400 ContentSyncAgent.WakeUpWorkerThreadProc ServerHealth:
Updating Server Health for Component: ContentSyncAgent Running, Marking as
2005-08-11 01:09:11.311 UTC Info susservice.400
ontentSyncAgent.WakeUpWorkerThreadProc Processing Item:
6a6f0807-cced-458a-9d49-518d1faff1fd, State: 10
2005-08-11 01:09:11.342
UTC Error wsusservice.400 ContentSyncAgent.Download File
WindowsXP-KB899588-x86-ENU.exe: ActualState: 10; Step: AddFile; Message:
System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access is denied.
at System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ThrowExceptionForHR(Int32
errorCode, IntPtr errorInfo)
at Microsoft.Windows.BackgroundTransfer.Job.AddFile(String remoteUrl,
String localName)
at Microsoft.UpdateServices.ServerSync.ContentSyncAgent.Download(String&
step, ServerSyncProxy& syncRequest, String& fileRemotePath, String&
fileLocalPath, FileNeededByContentAgent file, Job& jobCreated)

at Microsoft.UpdateServices.ServerSync.ContentSyncAgent.Download(String&,
ServerSyncProxy&, String&, String&, FileNeededByContentAgent, Job&)
2005-08-11 01:09:11.342
UTC Info wsusservice.400 ContentSyncAgent.ContentSyncSPFireStateMachineEvent ContentSyncAgent
firing Event: FileDownloadFailed for Item:
2005-08-11 01:09:11.389
UTC Info wsusservice.400 ContentSyncAgent.WakeUpWorkerThreadProc ContentS


The files for this update failed to download. Approving this updat

Post by NNT » Tue, 16 Aug 2005 07:16:00

Well, Your getting "Access is denied". Do you need/use a proxy? If so
check the settings, and also the WSUS documentation about how to use

avast! Antivirus 0532-6, 13/08/2005: Outbound message clean.