Encyclopedia of Bodyweight Conditioning Starring Steve Cotter the Largest Body-Weight Conditioning Series Ever Made with Over 150 Techniques

Encyclopedia of Bodyweight Conditioning Starring Steve Cotter the Largest Body-Weight Conditioning Series Ever Made with Over 150 Techniques

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World Class Kettlebell and Strength & Conditioning instructor, Steve Cotter, will take your strength training to another level with the all new Encyclopedia of Bodyweight Conditioning! This incredible DVD instructional series contains 161 exercises, making it the largest and most complete instructional project ever created on bodyweight conditioning. Steve teaches in precise detail how to properly perform each exercise. Each technique focuses on one of three important body categories: upper body, lower body, and core. These amazing techniques will show you how to create the ultimate strength and conditioning workout, using only your body! Bodyweight conditioning is the newest and most effective fitness craze yet! It allows you to create a powerful and strong physic, without the strain that dumbbells and weights create. Take your workouts and physique to a new level with this new and exciting DVD series!


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1. Encyclopedia of Joint Mobility Starring Steve Maxwell, 8 Volumes of Instruction on 3 DVD's

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