HTML Help 1.4 web based table of contents not displaying ...

HTML Help 1.4 web based table of contents not displaying ...

Post by TWljayBKYW » Sat, 24 Jul 2004 06:12:03

I'm creating a web based help application with HTML Help 1.4. I have created a table of contents using the activex component (hhctrl.ocx)

supplied with HTML Help Workshop. I have verified this web page works and displays the contents on a Windows 2000 Advanced Server system.

However, it does NOT display the Activex table of contents component on my Windows XP system.

Does anyone know what I can do to make this work on my XP system?

I have already run MJsDiag.exe and it says all of my HTML Help files are properly installed and registered.

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Hello all,

I am trying to read a directory listing into a string[] and then use
that data, along with some other data, to create HTML for display in a
gridview row. A sample item in the string[] might look like this...

<div style='vertical-align:middle;'><img src='image.jpb'><a

I then bind the array to a gridview to show on the form.

This always worked great with a datagrid in VS2003. Now, however, the
gridview handles the HTML differently: if reformats it? What I mean is,
the HTML displays as literal text...the gridview rows really show the
HTML tags (<div>, etc...). When inspecting the page with the browser's
View | Source, I can see that the page has all of the <div> as < div
>. Why is this happening, and how do I fix it? It would be great if would not change my code!

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