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From: "Jethro" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >
Subject: IE6 + META-REFRESH + IFRAME problem
Date: 09 November 2004 16:18

Hi there,

I have been trying to write a web-based "carousel" which continually
displays propertys from an estate agents (realtors) books. This is to run in
a large plasma screen in the shop window.

The ASP code works by using META-REFRESH to point to the next property in
the sequence. There is an embedded IFRAME which displays a picture of the

The link is

I have run the link from my office for 3 days with no problem, we have a 2Mb
ADSL pipe. Windows2K, IE6

When the client (2MB ADSL, Windows2K server, IE6) runs it, it seems to "jam"
every so often. When it does, you get a "red cross" where the picture should
be. Hitting F5 "clears" it, and off we go.

In desparation I put a Javascript timer in which should request a
"document.location.href=" after a minute (the META-REFRESH is <30s) in case
the META-REFRESH doesn't work.

The clients browser is set to "Reload page on every visit".

Anyone any suggestions as to what could be happening, and how to work around
it please



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I need a way to turn off the meta-refresh, or to force the
cursor/focus to stay in the message input box once they click in it
and start typing.

I've tried:
<p class=small>Enter your new message:
<br><textarea NAME=NewMsg rows=2 cols=60 wrap=virtual
<br><input TYPE=submit value="Post Your Message" >

but this actually forces a refresh onClick ?!


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