Anchor Tag problems in IE

Anchor Tag problems in IE

Post by Q2hyaXMgTm » Fri, 16 Dec 2005 20:35:02

We have a dynamic web application that, on some actions will refreshes the
screen, with a specified anchor to take the user back to somewhere close to
where they were previously.

We specify our anchors using the standard HTML syntax (<a
name="anchor1">Text</a>) and we specify the URL when the screen refreshes to
include the anchor name, e.g. /my-screen#anchor1

However Internet Explorer has a fault that when it refreshes the screen, it
first scrolls the page to the top, then after a delay of a couple of seconds
the page is then scrolled down to the anchor position.

Our customers are finding this very annoying and we are looking for a
solution. is there any work around for this fault in Internet Explorer? We
are using IE 6 and above.

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As I recall from my own experiences, the problem that you're referring to is
caused by using the scrollIntoView method. My workaround is to use the
iframe's window.scroll method instead.

| Does anyone know of a way to code a link that will cause an iframe to
| to a particular area of the iframe window without it also scrolling the
| entire page to the top of the iframe window? This is only a problem on
| not Mac.
| Thanks,
| ~ Deanna

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