IE and Cookie size limitation

IE and Cookie size limitation

Post by lilu » Wed, 20 Aug 2003 16:15:14

Hi All,

I would like to know if there is any limitation in cookie
size IE.

As per the cookie documentation, I can able to save 20
cookie per domain and each cookie size is 4K.

But I observed that it allows only 4K of total cookie
size per domian. For example if I have 2 cookies
cookie_name1 and cookie_name2, then it allows 4K of total
data for both cookie. If I save more than 4k of data then
try to read cookie using document.cookie, it returns me

Please let me know if it is IE browser limitation, if so
why there is no documentation for the same.


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IE seems to have had lots of problems with domain cookies over the years.
I've found a new one. If the host name in contains an '_' domain cookies will
net be set in the browser.

It is really hard to see why IE has these issues cookie issues - my favorite
one was that IE 7 wouldn't allow you to set a cookie if the domain name had
an odd number of characters. Why not simply use case insensitive string
comparison when checking to see if a host matches a domain and be done with
it. It's what Chrome and Firefox do, and they work.

Glenn Sills

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