Number of forms limit?

Number of forms limit?

Post by Brad Davi » Thu, 27 Nov 2003 06:03:52

I'm setting up an administration page for a catalog. Each
item in a category has it's own form for removal, editing
the order, etc. This is created by a database and put into
a table.

The problem is that, around the 4th iteration, IE crashes.
If I use a Response.End in VBScript before the form tag is
created on the 4th iteration, the page displays like it
should up to where I stopped it. But if I put it after the
tag, IE crashes (as though it were in an infinite loop.) I
know it isn't an infinite loop because if I comment the
form tag out, the page displays perfectly.

The total number of forms on the page would be around 7
when it breaks.

Any ideas as to why this is occurring?