Program code for open link files in own application program at client side?

Program code for open link files in own application program at client side?

Post by IT Bo » Sun, 31 Jul 2005 13:40:20

Problem: Need to open link files in own application program.


I am thinking of upgrading from IIS 4.0 to IIS 6.0, but the problem is not
that simple, because the way we used our web site. In the web site we had
link to Word Doc, PowerPoint file etc. In IIS 4.0 to get the results we
wanted, e.g. from the web page clicking the link it will open the word doc
in MS word and not IE etc. the ways we did it is to used shortcut and code
it in the link of the web pages. In IIS 6.0 this don't work. I had been
looking an out to do this, but only by changing the clients. Which I am
still thinking and researching on it. I just post this problem to see if
anyone out there can give me an better answers. Can it done programming in
the HTML?



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hallo firends,

Can any body help me write this below code into MATLAB object oriented or C code form please?

M=50; % total number of periods. (choose for 1s duration)
f0 = 50; % fundamental AC frequency
T0 = 1/f0; %fundamental AC period
T = M*T0; %Time for M periods (integer M)
N=30; % sample points per period.
dt = T0/N; % Sample at N points per period (integer N > 20)
t = dt*[1:M*N-1]; % Sampling time array
A0=120/2; % amplitude of AC signal. Divide by 2 or maybe sqrt (2) ?
AC=A0*sin(f0*t*2*pi); % create AC signal.
DC0=50; % DC amplitude
DC=DC0*ones(1,length(t)); % create a DC signal that is constant of length t
S=AC+DC; % total signal is AC signal + DC signal
plot(t,S); % plot signal.
title('Total Signal');
% filter components
fAC=S-mean(S); % here is the AC component
fDC=mean(S); % here is the DC component

plot(t,fAC,'r',t,fDC,'b'); % plot AC and DC signals
title('Signal with only AC component');

plot(t,fDC,'b'); % plot DC signal
title('Signal with only DC component');

% best to plot in Fourier domain
freq=(1/dt)*[1:NumPoints]/NumPoints; % create frequency axis
freq=freq-max(freq)/2; % center about 0
title('Fourier transform');

with best regards,

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