Tracing Debuging in IE

Tracing Debuging in IE

Post by ZGFu » Thu, 01 Sep 2005 00:57:25

I am a .NET developer and I need a component or a setting that will allow me
to look at all of the hidden information that is sent to the browser and how
the browser sees this information. Headers, cookies, javascript, etc..

Basicly we have one computer that once the cookies are loaded will act very
odd and refuse to open a new window. All of the obvious has been checked.
It only happens when upon a redirect to this page(pageA) from another
page(pageB) that it will pop up the new window for the pdf and then close it
again very quickly. If the link to the pdf on pageA is clicked(opens a new
window) it will work. If there are no cookies set from a previous visit it
will act normally(pageB to pageA opens the pdf). Everything runs fine on
every other computer. All have the same version of IE.

So my only recourse left is to see what is actually being read by IE.

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