Bitlocker & offline defrag apps

Bitlocker & offline defrag apps

Post by Iuvenali » Sun, 13 May 2007 02:13:06

Thought i'd share this.
Sometimes the offline defrag facility in some 3rd party defrag apps doesn't
work on 3rd party encrypted volumes.
One reason for this is that the defrag app cannot lock the drive.

I had been told that Perfectdisk offline defrag couldn't defrag a Bitlocker
encrypted volume & that isn't true.
Perfectdisk offline defrag will defrag the C volume without problems, but it
cannot lock or perform a offline defrag of the boot S volume.

Online defrag works on both as normal.

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In a mixed environment with Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007, an Exchange 2003
server has eight mailbox databases and one public folder database. We are
gradually migrating users to Exchange 2007 and have also consolidated some
users from one database to another on the Exchange 2003 server in hopes of
reducing the number of databases as the number of users on this server is

One of the eight mailbox databases now has zero users, all having been moved
to other databases and/or another server. In the mailbox container it shows
one SMTP (GUID) object and one SystemMailbox (GUID) object. The presumably
empty database was dismounted and an eseutil /d offline defrag was
successfully performed a couple weeks ago, and another one yesterday.

After offline defrag however, the edb file remains at 631 MB and the stm
file remains at 18.7 GB.

We don't want to recklessly delete anything, there are many users still on
this server in other databases. But we wonder why this large amount of data
remains, how we might discover what continues to be needed, and how we might
reduce anything that isn't needed.


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