Vista x64: Time-Port 123

Vista x64: Time-Port 123

Post by bWhvbnplbG » Thu, 30 Aug 2007 09:58:01

With Firewall on or off and Port 123 granted full access,
will not connect.

The other four paths provided connect and update as expected.

Is this a Vista x64 issue?


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I have had a problem with two domain controllers in our network no longer
replicating as the time difference between the two became more then than 5

On the operations master (also acting as the PDC) i want to setup W32time to
use an external time server ( W32time logs NTP server
not responding and ShieldsUp! reports 123 as being closed on our network. So
I guess the port 123 is blocked by our ISA server. How can I open this port
to send receive?


Fred Blum

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