Please help - access denied on shared folder

Please help - access denied on shared folder

Post by DB » Fri, 06 Feb 2004 10:46:16

I've posted this twice before and gotten no answer. Does anyone know? I'm
baffled. Here's the post again. And before you ask - I've already read the
MS article on how to take ownership of a file and I'm already the owner (and
admistrator) of the Shared Documents folder that I can't access across the

I have a laptop running Win XP Home 2002 SP 1 (i call it Shemp)
I have set the "sharing and security" for the Shared Documents folder such
"Share this folder on the network" is checked as is
"Allow other users to change my files"

However, I cannot see the contents of this file from my other computer (also
running Win XP Home 2002 SP 1). And yes, they are in the same workgroup.

When I attempt to look at the directory I get:
"\\Shemp\SharedDocs is not accessible. You might not have permission to use
this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out
if you have access permission. Access is denied."

I am able to share the entire C-drive on Shemp (and can see the root
directory) however I can't see the Shared Documents or the "my documents"
directory of the only user on the laptop or the program files directory.

Interestingly enough, I can see the folders in \\Shemp\C\Documents and
Settings\All Users and can open the Desktop, Favorites and Start Menu
folders but not the Shared Documents folder!

Please help - access denied on shared folder

Post by Roger Abel » Fri, 06 Feb 2004 11:21:43

This sounds like an NTFS permissions issue.
In Home, or Pro in Simple sharing mode, once the
network login is complete all access to the filesystem
is done as Guest (does not matter what account was
used for the network access authentication).
If Guest, or one of the groups in which it is a member,
has not grant in the NTFS settings of an area, then there
will be no allowed remote access.
To conveniently view the permissions in Home edition,
boot into safe mode and use the Security tab in the properties
of the filesystem objects.

Roger Abell
Microsoft MVP (Windows Server System: Security)
MCSE (W2k3,W2k,Nt4) MCDBA



Please help - access denied on shared folder

Post by DB » Mon, 09 Feb 2004 03:11:43


I booted the latptop into safe mode and have looked at the permissions and I
can't see anything wrong with them however, I must admit that I'm not quite
sure what I'm looking for. Can you point me to some info (or provide some)
that would explain what I should see if the Guest account "has not grant in
the NTFS settings of an area"?

And if the Guest account does not have the appropriate priviledge, how do I
go about changing that?

Thank you!


Please help - access denied on shared folder

Post by S2FzaGl » Thu, 19 Feb 2004 23:06:07


I was facing the same problem and I have solved this problem by right clicking the folder go to the security tab instead of sharing then allow everyone to it, click ok
Again right click on the folder and go to to shraing tab then do all the sharing things related to the folder.

By default in Windows XP. Every folder have the system rights and the local user rights so on network sharing still no body can access the folder.
Hope the problem will be solved.

Good Luck