Auto Fill from Drop Down Box Selection

Auto Fill from Drop Down Box Selection

Post by dml0ZW1wZX » Thu, 04 Nov 2004 03:17:13

I have a secondary data source with client info such as: id, name, adress,
etc. I want to use this data to poplate some of the fields on a form that a
client will fill out giving us some other info that we are saving to an
access database. I have inforpath SP1 loaded. I am not a developer and need
some plain language advice. Thanks in advance. John

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I am new to access and have been searching the messages for an answer. I
have gotten part of the answer but can't the rest of the way...any help is
greatly appreciated!

Have two tables tbl-customer and tbl-partnnumber

The customer table has a three digit customer number that is the primary key
The part numbers table has a part number field that is 7 digits with the
first three based on the customer, that last four are assigned incrementally.

So what I am trying to do is create a form where you select the customer
from a drop down list. Then based on this number, lookup the last number for
that customer number, add 1 and fill it in a the value.

CustNo CustName
101 Customer 1
102 Customer 2
103 Customer 3

PartNumber Description

For example, selecting customer 101 from the drop down would automatically
put 101-0003 in the PartNumber field.

It seems like I may be able to use the Dmax command in the AfterUpdate Event
for the CustomerNo pull down and set its criteria to get the max value for a
given CustNo selected. Does this approach make sense? If so, could someone
help with the syntax? If not, any advice would be appreciated.

Many Thanks!

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