Error while disabling the toolbar and menu bar in InfoPath

Error while disabling the toolbar and menu bar in InfoPath

Post by Reetu Agar » Wed, 13 Apr 2005 03:22:51

Hi All,

I was using jscript to disable the tool bar and menu bar in infopath. I had
some issues with converting the form to fully trusted.
So I thought of using managed code to disable the toolbar and menubar.
When I try to run the form I get the following error:

Security error.
at InfoPathProject2.InfoPathProject2.OnLoad(DocReturnEvent e)
(DocReturnEvent pEvent)

Below I have listed the code I am using

// Write your code here.
BindingFlags MethodFlags = BindingFlags.InvokeMethod |
BindingFlags.DeclaredOnly | BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.Instance;

ObjectWrapper commandBars = (ObjectWrapper)

object[] args4 = new object[] {10,30003};

CommandBarControl commandBarMenu = (CommandBarControl)

commandBarMenu.Enabled = false;


Do I need to convert the form to fully trusted whe I am using managed code?


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Javascript cannot do it either [1].

Restricting chrome when a new window is opened can be attempted, but
pop-up blocking, user veto of such actions and content inserting
re-writing proxies stripping the chrome specification strings make the
outcome uncertain, to the point of many never opening the window at all
(rendering any web page displayed in it non-viable).


[1] Netscape/Gecko browsers have a facility for switching chrome in the
current window but it requires security privileges that are not normally
available to an Internet page. IE provides no facility at all.

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