InfoPath webservice timing out on page load

InfoPath webservice timing out on page load

Post by TWFnb2 » Wed, 13 Jan 2010 00:20:02

I have an Infopath form hosted by SharePoint that is using a Webservice I
wrote which populates dropdown boxes. This is working well on a large number
of locations, but in a few locations the client is consistently timing out
with an apparently appropriate error before the page finishes loading.

We think this may be a speed issue but the failing sites are not
significantly slower that the ones that do work.

I don't believe this is a session issue or a SharePoint issue because it is
timing out in 30-40 seconds with a message telling me the webservice timed
out while populating the InfoPath form.

The message is:"InfoPath either cannot connect to the data source or the
service has timed out."

Can anyone tell me how to change the timeout value and/or to verify that
this is or is not the problem?

InfoPath webservice timing out on page load

Post by TWFnb2 » Fri, 15 Jan 2010 23:38:02

We found the solution, even though the error message indicated a timeout in
the webservice the real answer was we had some network settings that did not
allow our webservices url to be resolved on the client side. This was not an
InfoPath issue.