What use displaying useless query form?

What use displaying useless query form?

Post by ghitorn » Mon, 11 Aug 2008 02:59:22

A newbie. I made a new form from a datasource (employees.mdb) and I got to
see a Query form which says it has two views. My question is if we have to
construct the query, then what for this Query Form with all fields is there
for? What is its use? Just two labels for New Record & Run Query could have
served the purpose. OR IS IT that there is some other usage which I am not
able to understand? Thanks

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I have a table named TimesJB5, which contains a field named Unit#, which is a
text-type field.

I would like to present the user with a Form which lists 10 different check
boxes each with a unit#. Depending on which boxes the user checks, I would
pass this information to a query, which would select the corresponding unit#
records and then display the records in a report.

I plan to use a CommandButton on the form that would run the proper macro to
open the query and then the report.

What would the proper syntax be to have in the query to select the proper
unit# records from the table?

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