After installing WLM 2009 lost all contacts

After installing WLM 2009 lost all contacts

Post by ZHJlYW » Fri, 06 Feb 2009 12:06:08

I have tried several times to instsall WLM 2009 and each time it loses all my
contacts. I looked around and seen there is lots of people with the same
problem and just go back to WLM 8.5. Does Microsoft know what causes the
problem or how to fix it? All the suggestions I have seen so far does not
work. Microsoft needs to release a fix or update messenger to fix this.

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Greetings Bernie,

Is it just a hang where it freezes up for a second and then returns -- or is it *** the
application permanently?

If the former, then I know what you're talking about. If the latter, then we're seeing
different things.

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